Apartment and Commercial Enterprise Software

Our web based property management software offers a simple and affordable way to manage individual houses to large apartment complexes or commercial properties with thousands of units. Its server based architecture lets you access a common data base from anywhere in the world with a simple browser.

Resident managers and office staff share the same information and can run up-to-the-minute reports as transactions are posted - at speeds that are truly astonishing.

This architecture also allows us to price our products with simplicy and at some of the lowest rates in the industry. Our exclusive Hometastic websites are available for each community, designed to simplify your life by offering many time-saving features that your homeowners will love. Request a demonstration


Advantos ERP BackOffice™ is a full service accounting and property management software application that combines property management functions with a full complement of accounting functions, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger (with full financial statements), work order maintenance, budgeting, multi-state and multi-client payroll, and a complete banking module (with ACH, credit card and lockbox processing). These functions all integrate seamlessly within a single database.

Remote Sites

Since our software is server based and web-enabled, resident managers and other remote-site users can quickly and easily access our unique web-based remote menus. Our software identifies them as a ‘resident manager’ and displays a unique menu screen, from which they can process payments and run various reports. All they need is a simple web browser and an internet connection.

Application Framework

The Advantos ERP BackOffice™ property management software products are web based and hosted on servers running Microsoft Windows Server and IIS. They are not Windows based products accessed using terminal services. Users can access our application using a browser from anywhere on the Internet, including resident managers from remote locations. This release is an enterprise property management software application using a browser interface which does not require any software installation, or updates, on the workstation.


You may purchase and install our property management software on your server, or pay a monthly subscription fee and host it on our servers. Either way, there is just one simple pricing plan. You have the flexibility to use one or all of our modules for the same price - a price that is about half that of other leading property management software providers.