Most property management software products have many different options with many different pricing schemes, all designed to extract the maximum amount of fees from you. It can often take a lot of time and effort to determine exactly what functionality you'd like now and what functionality you'd like in the future. Separate modules for reporting at the main office might have a cost. Separate accounting at the main office might as well too.

The ability to post rent payments at remote-sites might be a separate charge. So, too, might entering A/P invoices and purchase orders at the remote-sites. And almost all software has a separate charge for initial license fees and access fees for each module. It can all be very confusing.

Our property management software is different. If you elect to purchase our application, to install within your network, we charge one low initial license fee, based on the number of users, plus a modest monthly charge for each remote site you elect to give access to. If you decide to lease our software for a monthly subscription fee, we charge one low monthly fee, based on the number of users accessing the application at any one time. Use all of our modules or just a few. Either way, the fee is based on the number of users. There are no confusing prices to add up. No more wondering whether you are going to get all the services needed for the price quoted. You get one simple low charge. Contact our office for a price quote.