Technical Support

Advantos Systems maintains a full array of resources that can be applied to any technical issue encountered by our clients. Our support staff can be contacted via email about general issues, training issues, non-critical issues, enhancement requests, time schedules, and general comments. Our staff has a combination of accounting and property management backgrounds combined with extensive product and technical training. These resources are available to our clients through support or training.

Email Support

The Advantos ERP BackOffice™ application has on-line help for users to get simple answers to specific questions while using the application. This help is designed for users and will answer such questions as: what data is entered in what field. User help is one of the three kinds of help available to Enterprise users.

Telephone Support

Operations don't go on hold just because a new software application is being used. Implementation can take extra time and attention. To have a smooth running system requires it be implemented properly from the start. Advantos resources are available to help resolve any issues that arise during this phase. In addition, we offer resources should your computing resource cease operation. Advantos works hand-in-hand with your Team Leader or, if desired, we operate as your Team Leader and are there to help in any capacity.

For those times when budget constraints or the size of the implementation make an on-site visit cost prohibitive, our Telephone Set-Up Assistance program is the solution. This service, unique in the industry, involves a series of scheduled calls during the implementation process to help clients get started properly and in a time efficient manner.

Annual Support Contract

Advantos technical support is available through our annual support contract. The Annual Support Contract is required by all licensed users of the Advantos by Advantos ERP BackOffice™ property management application and is payable monthly. The plan includes code base upgrades, core code issue resolution with software upgrades as they become available, and access to our support line during published business hours. Additional per-incident support is available at the plan rate of $125 per hour, with a 15 minute minimum charge and 15 minute increments, except that during the first 90 days, the plan rate is discounted to $75 per hour.

Per Call Support

This option is available to all licensed users of non-current and non-supported versions of Advantos software products. Support is available Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00 pm PST. Support is charged at $200 per hour, with a one hour minimum charge and in one hour increments.

If payment on invoices is not current, we may elect to charge additional per-incident support at the plan rate of $200 per hour, pre-paid, in 1, 2, or 3-hour segments - or by credit card on an on-call basis.

Note: Limited Support Services are available to users of non-current versions of software products. This means that a limited number of staff are trained to offer support for these products, as new staff members are trained on current versions of the software. In addition, staff members respond to calls for assistance with current versions before calls for assistance with non-current versions. In the future, assistance may not be available for non-current versions of software.