On-Line Help

The Advantos ERP BackOffice™ property management software application has user help at each data entry and menu prompt. This help is based on two kinds of help: 1) field entry help and 2) menu selection help.

Field Entry Help

This help is designed to assist in data entry. This is field level help where the user simply presses [F1] to view help for the field. If the field allows generalized data, of the type of data required by the field (e.g. a date), the help displayed is a single line at the bottom of the screen that describes the kind of data to enter.

If, however, there is a limited amount of data authorized, as kept in the database, then a PopUp window of authorized data will display in response to pressing the [F1] key.

Menu Selection Help

Each menu is a program or process. Programs allow data entry (a collection of data is entered) and processes are processes that accept data constraints. This kind of help requires much broader descriptions, including descriptions of each piece of data allowed/required to be entered. When at a menu option prompt, the user can click on the help image       to display help for the displayed form.

For assistance with administrative help click on this link.