The Recent Advantos ® Upgrade

by: Bill Haskett, President

Looking Forward to Spring Advantos ® has updated their Payroll module to streamline the processing steps, reduce unnecessary reports, and streamline the End-of-Month process. In doing so, the month-end reporting has been altered to be like the same month-end reporting used by the other Advantos ® modules.

The Payroll checklist, that has been used for many years, has been split up into a check-run process checklist and an end-of-month process checklist. These two checklists are to be used to ensure the two different processes are completed as they were designed.

Now, during the month-end processing all payroll reports are packaged up for each client as a single PDF document to ease storing in on-line file systems. Also, the entire month-end process has several steps that have been eliminated. Keep in mind that the checklists should be followed to ensure all processing steps have been completed.

As usual, the payroll module should be updated prior to the A/P module because the payroll taxes are paid by the A/P module.


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Customers have access to resources that include an administrative manual, on-line help for each web form, and email support.


Our Partners

Property Mgmt Svcs, Inc., located in the Anchorage AK area, is one of our many clients located throughout the United States.


Special Notice

Are you using the Advantos ® Customer Service Action Requests? CSARs can both track office contacts and provide a single source to record office contacts.


Our Clients Ask Questions.

See what our clients are asking. How does client information appear in the new Payroll EOM Reports? If the client chooses to be processed as a unique payroll entity then all payroll reports, including check registers, appear in a single PDF document for that particular client.

If, on the other hand, the client chooses to consolidate their payroll information into the Payroll Trust Account, then only data that pertains to the client specifically appears in the single PDF document prepared during the EOM reports process and the rest appears in the single PDF document for the Payroll Trust Account's client#.

Using Advantos to Improve Your Business Success

Using Advantos to improve your business success. Advantos ® ERP software was designed to work as the core of a property management business. All the processes are designed to assist the management company to be more efficient, resulting in improved profitability. One of the many available features are the Customer Service Action Requests (CSARs). Are you using them to improve your relationship with your client boards and owners and enhance staff efficiency?

The Customer Service Action Requests are designed to be an effective tool to track activity on calls or contacts with your office. These CSARs allow you to track activity through completion of each activity within your office. You can also track billable hours in the activity. These CSARs can be used to measure office productivity and can provide management with information regarding which actions haven't been completed.

Contact us for help with tracking activity within your office.

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